12oz Bottle of Eco-Mist

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A superior cleaner/finisher for your vehicle. It cleans leaving behind a shiny surface that water will bead off. And of course it’s environmentally friendly.
• Eco-Mist™ Waterless Car Wash is an excellent way to clean and protect your vehicles without the need of water. One 12 oz. bottle of Eco-Mist treats 3- 4 vehicles. Simply spray Eco-Mist™ to a small portion of your vehicle and wipe away grime with a soft cloth for a smooth finish. Repeat on other areas as needed.

1-12oz Bottle of Ecomist
1-Micro fiber towel


• Cars
• Trucks
• Motorcycles
• Boats
• Snowmobiles
• ATVs
• Sport Vehicles
• Use on paint, chrome, plastic & glass.

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• No water needed.
• Leaves a shiny, smooth & water-beaded coating that adds enhanced protection to the surface.
• Excellent degreaser.
• Removes dirt, bugs, tar and road grime in minutes.
• Doesn’t scratch the paint.
• No buckets, no hoses, no mess.
• No Silicon added.
• Encapsulates dirt particles for easy wipe off.
• Includes micro Fiber cloth.